Janneke Brinkman

About Janneke Brinkman

Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn (1948) grew up in Emmeloord. She is a true outdoor child, she would rather have played in nature than she occupied herself with her homework. However, she graduated her HBS-B diploma and completed her biology studies at VU University Amsterdam. There she soon appeared to experience a tremendous pleasure to draw very precisely and in detail, from the gut system of a guinea pig to the intersection of a flower stem.

She married in 1971 with Elco Brinkman and got with him a son and two daughters. A few years after graduating in microbiology, she taught at a high school, particularly in the nutrition teachings during biology classes. For the time being she started to educate the children, but she decided to take a lesson at the Leiden Painter Academy Ars Aemula Naturae and at Leny Noyen.

Her passion for botanical watercolour learning got her to grips with her that she decided not to go for the class. Her first exposition, in 1987 in The Hague, and a request from a publisher to provide an agenda of her floral aquarelles, is accelerating her career. Nowadays her work reaches a large audience, partly because it is applied to the most diverse products, such as stationary, tableware, postage stamps and because she writes and illustrates columns for broadcaster MAX. To further improve her technique Janneke regularly follows lessons “botanical painting” with Annemarie Evans in England.